Monday, December 9, 2013

Don't Call It A Comeback

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

I'm in a bit of shock.

I took three months off from blogging to deal with the cluster eff I call my life and I didn't think I would return.

That cluster eff some of you are wondering about is still that. A cluster. I could write a small lifetime mini series about it but then I would actually have to sit down and write it. Which. I have zero desire to do. Just trust that I'm in a much better place and honestly kinda having a shiz load of fun. Hashtag Mommy Goes To The Bar Now.

I feel like I need to catch you guys up to speed a bit. So here it goes...

Still living in Nebraska.

Having a new found love for bottled Dasani water.

Starting to let Dexter bake with me and letting go of my OCD controlling mother life ways.

Listening to 'Insert Pop Culture' every chance I get on iTunes.

New apartment. 

New job working in the medical field.

Same potty mouth.

New dress size.

Still jammin' to old Mumford, Adele, Die Antwoord, Lorde, Waka Flocka Flame, Girl Talk and Kanye.

Same little punk who refuses to actually go to the bathroom in the actual bathroom but everywhere other than the bathroom. Side note - I really can't express how much I hate the word 'panties'. It makes me gag quicker than a college freshman girl during Greek week drinking night. Please do not use that phrase around me. I will gag and dry heave and possibly vom. Nobody needs to see that.
I got to see my twin/sister/best friend/spirit animal/Allie/Toatsy on my birthday. It was something I honestly thought would never happen and I'm having a hard time believing it's been almost two months since I have seen her but gawd I miss her in a totally creepy way. We got to blate with Sara and Jen. Miss those little brats like crazy as well.

Gchat still makes me want to punch a baby in the face. HEY GOOGLE GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND QUIT TRYING TO MAKE GOOGLE PLUS HAPPEN.

I'm still helping with IWYP behing the scenes. Most of you might actually not know that but yes. I am the task master and tell Whit that she needs to lay off the wine and get her shiz together. Speaking of that... get excited! The new IWYP shirt collection is being debuted TOMORROW. I get a crazy case of the happies when I see the shirts and know that Whit is putting into this and the feedback she is getting is quite amazing.

I'm still on social media but its all under the same thing now. @brindather for EVERYTHING. Because that is extremely easy.

I think we're pretty much back to speed on my life. It feels like forever ago that I sat down and wrote but now that I am back I have a feeling I won't be able to stop.

Big thanks to Whit for the snazzy new layout and NO you can't have it back!

Lastly. I just need everyone to go read everything this woman has ever written. Pure-effin-genius. You won't be sorry.


  1. I'm a happy little panda that you're blogging again! I will admit I never did get to read your old blog, but Allie just raves about you! And your twitter is hilarious! <3 Love you girl!

  2. Welcome back! Love the design :)

    p.s. - your captcha is still on!

  3. So glad you're back, love the new name and the new design!

  4. You being back, Day = made. Your new blog name is the tits, by the way. So fitting.

  5. "the B word"? god that's good. welcome back mama!

  6. First post back and you already have more comments than some people get in two weeks. If you get too busy to keep my head on straight, I'm going to shut your blog down. You know, because in addition to resizing your photos, designing your blog, and fixing your damn settings, I CAN SHUT THIS DOWN. Don't forget that. #ineedyou

  7. Wait, what does the B word stand for?


    you would return as i debate leaving.

    crue just farted.
    were both obviously very excited over here we can't contain it!

  10. Yayyyyy! So glad you're back!!


    the bitch is BACK.

  12. Oh Heyyyyyy! Guess who's back? Back again? Brin is back? Tell everyone you know.

  13. WELCOME BACK, B! I musta missed this on the twit machine until yesterday I think. Can't wait to read about your shenanigans!

    Also - Hashtag Mommy Goes to the Bar Now - hit me up! I'm around! Well, sometimes... Plus, we still need our lunch date.. So don't be a stranger!

  14. You're back, and I'm really effing excited about this... despite the fact that it has taken me a week to comment - LETS JUST NOT GO THERE.