Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Only Blogging Rule You Need To Listen To

Do whatever the hell you want.

It’s really as simple as that.
Post 7 days a week. Be my guest.
Write about how you love being a SAHM. Do it.

Give me dating advice based off your terrible online dating. Yes please.

Use the ‘perfect’ keywords to make the search words to your blog explode. BRING IT.

When I first started blogging I just jumped into it. I went and swapped with every person I could find. Personally this was not a good idea for me. I felt overwhelmed trying to keep track of it all and I was ready to throw in the towel. Also. My writing was pretty terrible and so not me. I was putting on an act and trying to be this picture perfect newlywed and mom and omg I’m glad that blog when to the blog graveyard cause most of the writing was shit. ALSO. Oh this is my biggest regret. I would review products I either. One. Didn’t really like. Two. Would never use/buy. Three. Didn’t really fit into my blog. WHY? Because that's what bloggers do. That's what you're SUPPOSE to do. If I would have just listened to my inner monologue once then I could have saved myself a lot of time and trouble. For some people this might work. They can BS their way through it. I cannot and could not. It was a disaster and it was very apparent when I was trying to push something onto people and it was soooooooooo unbelievable.

So I then did the logical next step in my mind. I went and look at all these posts on ‘blog rules’. Please do yourself a favor and don’t look at it. Because the moment you do it WILL effect your writing. You will be crippled with fear and anger that you try to write and you’re stifled by all these ‘rules’. I’m not saying that the ‘rules’ some bloggers are giving aren’t great. BUT. They should be advice. Because when you say rule it implies that if you don’t follow it you are breaking the law and will get nowhere. That is a lie. There are plenty of bloggers who do not follow the 'rules' and they are what many people would deem as successful.

What I am saying is that there is difference between blogging advice and blogging rules. Advice is something people give as a recommendation. They are telling you what worked for them perhaps but you need to know that it might not always work for you. I can’t stand when someone goes and gets a consultation from another blogging and they are pissed because a week later there stats aren’t through the roof. They were giving you advice. They told you what they did. You and they are two different people. Your background is different. Your writing style is different. You are not that person. So for you to think that by doing exactly as they recommend that you will become them is dumb on your part. Also. Why would you want to be exactly like someone else? That’s no fun. Nor is it believable. You need to take what they did and gave as advice and put your own twist on it. Make it your own and people will be able to relate better. People can spot a fake person in blog land a mile away. And as shameful as this is to admit. I use to be one of them. It took me along time to realize it but people enjoyed me a whole hell of a lot more when I wasn't pretending to be someone else.
Be Yourself quote by #judygarland   via #mollyjacques

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Secret

I have only done it twice this week but I got FLOODED with emails, texts and Instagram messages on how in the world am I burning that many calories in a little over an hour. Here it is. I’m fatter than you all. Yup. That’s my secret. I weight more than most of you asking and I’m pushing myself as hard as I possibly can so my heart rate is going up and it’s working my muscles and making me sweat like a pig.

I have had lots of people on my Facebook wanting me to email them ‘my secret’. I want to laugh in their face. I really want to laugh in everyone’s face who asks that question. The ‘secret’ is eating well in portion controlled sizes while breaking a sweat and drinking lots of water. I can’t commit to taking any sort of powder, supplement, prepackaged dinner or anything close to that to lose weight. Why? Well for one that’s not in my budget. I had to pick if I wanted to work with a trainer or get something like that. I chose the trainer. Also because I don’t want to make myself believe that some sort of supplement like that is making me lose the weight. I want to know that it was my hard work and dedication that got the weight off. That’s just me. Some people might work extremely well with a program that delivers your food to your door or has you replace one meal a day with a shake. I just can’t do that to my body when I have no clue how it’s going to react to it. Some people have great success with it. But I have never heard of someone eating healthy, working out and drinking a ridiculous amount of water NOT lose any weight. If you are that person or know that person please direct me to them. Because I want to call your bluff and tell you that you are probably cheating yourself when it comes to eating or not pushing yourself in the gym. I am the Queen of Excuses and I can smell that bullshit a mile away. So quit feeling like you’re ‘too fat’ to work out. Getting over the embarrassment of people seeing you work out is going to be the most difficult thing. I know it’s hard and I know you might feel embarrassed or overwhelmed going to the gym and not knowing how machines work. But. Being embarrassed for that short period of time while asking for help is a lot better than being embarrassed and ashamed the rest of your life because you’re not satisfied with how your body looks.